Coe Physics Club

This is the page for Coe College Physics Club.

Exec Board [09/03/2015]

Playground of science

Possible Dates

 Tuesday, October 27th

Monday, October 26th

Organization Fair 

11-12:30 Tori, Dahlia,

12:30-2 Collin, Brittany

Where physics shirt

Maker space tour

Point: David

Holiday Party

Secret Santa 

Draw names at thanksgiving party

$30 limit

Mario’s Barbeque

Point: Mario

 Saturday, September 12, 2015

4:00 pm

Brittany will help get the list for signing up for SPS

Help session

Tuesday and Thursday 8pm-10pm

Get more tutors for around test times

But 2 or 3 tutors for normal homework

Schedule homework in general and basic physics on Wednesdays and Friday

Money For

Trivia Night

Fall Social

Thanksgiving Social?

Job Descriptions

Advisor: Steve’s job is to effectively navigate a bureaucratic system

President: sets and runs meetings, oversights all aspects of the club including budget

Treasurer: Check signing purposes

Vice President: Coordinate with nation SPS, no set responsibility but helps with everything

Event Coordinator: Playground of Science, Banquet, and speakers

Historian: Bulletin Boards and Blog

Secretary: Send out all announcements and do forms. Also do chapter report.

Webmasters: Maintain and update the Web page

Produced and paid for with the help of our Coe College Student Senate