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Science Talk: UNKOWN TIME

Dec 1st, Jon Scholte

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Department, College of Engineering, University of Iowa


Title: Photopolymerization and the use of Molecular Structure to Modulate Physical Properties


Abstract: Photopolymerization is a continuously expanding field with applications in diverse fields ranging from coatings to stereolithography. In this project we aim to develop a method for controlling the kinetics and thermomechanical properties of photopolymerizable resins. Controlled Radical Polymerization (CRP) was used to synthesize novel prepolymers with narrow molecular weight distributions while maintaining the ability to locate reactive centers at specific locations along a linear backbone. Crosslinked samples containing these prepolymers were analyzed using infrared spectroscopy and dynamic mechanical analysis. Through controlling the prepolymer architecture, the resulting films display both rubbery and glassy properties as well as increased toughness.

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Science Talk: UNKNOWN TIME
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