Coe Physics Club

This is the page for Coe College Physics Club.

Physics is always a matter of life and death
— Mario
The only Russian author I like is George Orwell
— Collin Wilkinson
All Turkish people were originally horses
— Firdevs Duru
[When asked if the Laplace Transform was created for a certain reason]
Yes, kind of... maybe, ..... I’m not sure
— Jon White
If you put a frowny face I will tell everyone you cry at the sunset
— Firdevs
I know you guys go to a liberal arts school but this is a real class you have to try!
— Ugur on E&M
I want to go to space so I can be the first Hoar in space
— Eric Hoar
Firdevs is in Iowa city, Doc is in California, Mario is gone. I can torture you guys and nobody would know!
— Ugur on Substute Teaching
Nature herself has whispered in my ear, and told me to write this on the board
— Doc Feller
Steve Feller he’s just bully to everyone! You tell him you don’t want to, then he comes over and shakes your hand and then you do it!
— Ugur Akgun
You’re a Bad Goat
— Jon White
Collin: Jon I think it’s really convenient your family friend happens to have the same name as a greek letter.

Jon: I take it as a sign from God that I’m the chosen one.
— During Calc III One Day
[When discussing the Moose problem] The Canadians aren’t patriots because they hate freedom
— Jon White
If we don’t take attendance the terrorists win
— Jon White
The way to make a glass is not to make a crystal... Eric write that down that’s profound
— Mario
My apparatus doesn’t work like it used to
— Dr. Cottingham
I can do this, of course, because I am of divine origins
— Mario
[Mario] Who sings here?
[Lisa] I do!
[Mario] Give me a note!
[Lisa] G!
[Mario] I meant sing one!
— At a demonstration for possible freshman

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